Pinot Coupage

  1. Denominazione

    • Vino Spumante di Qualità
  2. Tipologia

    • Brut Millesimato
  3. Formats

    • 750 ml
    • 1500 ml - Magnum

Vino Spumante di Qualità
The choice of grape, and the planting of the wines. Together with their subsequent cultivation and vinification, are all carefully planned in order to achieve the optimum sparkling qualities. Its original lies in the Trento area. The agreeable marriage of grape varieties, expressed by the happy union of the original White Pinot and Black Pinot grapes, matures after a lengthy rest in autoclave (special containers) and a relaxed fining process. Our Brut Pinot displays a dry, lingering taste, elegant and crisp. Its clean, pervasive bouquet encourages the drinker to return time and time again in order to understand the given typically of its origin. Method: Long Charmat.

Growing location
Trentino’s origin with clayey and calcareous soil for White Pinot and morainal-alluvial soil for Black Pinot.

Grape variety
80% White Pinot and 20% Black Pinot, whose origins are traced back to the French region of Burgundy.

Growing System and Yield
Traditional Pergola Semplice Trentina; 2.500 – 2.600 plants per hectare for nearly 120q/ha.

Technological reference
The vinification follows the “in white” scheme, paying particular attention to the must clearing before its fermentation and controlled temperature and by adding selected yeasts. Sparkling processing method in autoclave adding sugary and adjuvant substances. Processed by a long Charmat; surlie at 20° C, fermentation for 120 -150 days at a temperature of 11°-12° C. In this way it enjoys of a fundamental stop on fermentation yeast. Stabilization and filtration are followed by sterile bottling. Refining in bottle for at least 12-15 months.

Chemical Characteristics
Liquid with acid pH, composed of water, ethil alcohol, superior alcohol, sugars, extracts, acids, salts, metals. Pressure: 4.50 – 5.50 atm at 20°C.

Organic Characteristics
Sight: straw-yellow. With abundant and persistent foam and a fine grain perlage. Bouquet: persistent, severe and broad. Taste: dry, elegant in its severity, rich in its complexity.

Sparkling wine for a demanding taste, it avoids sweet tastes while it becomes the ideal partner of classical pairings such as starters and first fish courses. It mainly welcomes outstanding aperitif.

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