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  1. Denominazione

    • Vino Spumante di Qualità
  2. Tipologia

    • Brut
  3. Formats

    • 750 ml

Vino Spumante di Qualità
Growing location
Trentino’s region, area of Trento (hamlet of Casteller).

Grape Variety
Lagrein 100%

Training system and yield
Traditional Pergola Trentina, nearly 3.500 plants per hectare with an average yield of 100q/ha.

Technological reference
Vinification: the crushed grapes are pumped into the fermenting vat where the grapes begin to ferment with the marc. Here the juice takes a light pink colour from the skins. Then, the fermentation starts in an autoclave adding sugary and adjuvant substances. Refrigeration and filtration are followed by sterile bottling. Packaging precedes a short refining period in the bottle.

Chemical characteristics
Liquid with acid pH, composed of water, ethil alcohol, superior alcohol, sugars, extracts, acids, salts, metal elements. Pressure: 4.50 – 5.00 atm. at 20°C.
Organic characteristics: Sight: At sight it is brilliant, limpid, with rosé colour, quite garnet. With clear foam and perlage because of the limited content of natural carbon dioxide. Bouquet: fruity, with a violet fragrance. Taste: balanced, delicate, with pleasant aromatic notes of almond.

We suggest to drink it with white meats, cooked vegetables, sushi and sashimi.

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