1. Denominazione

    • VALDOBBIADENE DOCG Prosecco Superiore
  2. Tipologia

    • Extra Dry
  3. Formats

    • 750 ml
    • 1500 ml - Magnum
    • 3000 ml - Jeroboam
    • 6000 ml - Mathusalem
    • 9000 ml - Salmanazar

Denominazione d’origine controllata e garantita
We have searched for superior quality grapes, rigorously selected from several sources. We preserve the must obtained with particular care in refrigerated tanks until the sparkling process takes place. Then the rest is up to nature. The firmness required for this sparkling wine of great quality is balanced with a young, lively, fruity note. It expresses flavour and a fresh aromatic quality. 38.000 bottles are lovingly produced every year.

Growing location
Selection carried out on Valdobbiadene territory, generally on an area extremely variable, characterised by the alternating of very ancient morainal warps, alluvial terraces and cones.

Grape variety
Glera 100%, harvested by hand generally at the end of September.

Growing System and yield
Sylvoz and Cappuccina; 2.500 – 2.800 plants per hectare for a yield of 90q/ha.

Technological reference
Sparkling processing method in autoclave. The must is preserved in refrigerated tanks at a temperature close to 0° C and it is passed directly into the autoclave where it ferments at 10°-11° reaching its sparkling evolution. Refrigeration and filtration precede sterile bottling. Refining in bottle for 4-5 months.

Organic Characteristics
Sight: light golden straw-yellow. Fine grain perlage with abundant and persistent foam. Bouquet: composure balanced with a young, cheerful, fruity and floral notes. Taste: fragrant and fresh in its aromatic notes.

Let’s enjoy a sparkling wine! Let’s taste the pleasure of a ritual and let’s celebrate the gesture with elegance. Experience the emotion that will follow and now let’s enjoy the freedom to choose what is not obliged to be matched.

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